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Who Is Marcia?

Marcia Lind

Marcia Lind is an Intuitive Counselor with more than 40 years of experience as an intuit. She creates a place of welcome, acceptance, and non-judgment in which to assist those seeking more truth and change in their lives. Marcia sees beyond what is in the physical to the energy and beliefs beneath what is being experienced. Born to a farm family in the Midwest, Marcia began to see and intuit at the age of fourteen. Having been born during a time when young ladies were not supposed to have a voice or sight beyond what was told and shown, she encountered many difficulties to finally finding her own voice and vision. Marcia has studied and practiced many different forms of healing such as Ohashiatsu bodywork, Reflexology, Reiki, Brain Gym, EFT, Psych-K, Quantum Touch and Bio-Emotional Synthesis. She has studied and is trained in the Universal Laws, clearing stagnant energy, the creating of sacred space, manifestation, and methods of breaking fixed cycles of experience. Marcia has studied the Enneagram Personality Types and the energetic belief structures that drive them. Marcia has also studied relationship structures and dynamics and is able to assist in deciphering difficult relationships and to bring them into balance.

Marcia relocated from Evanston, Illinois where she raised her family to California nearly 9 years ago during a critical time in her life. Marcia’s interest in coming home to her Self and having a different life experience led her to practicing and studying vibrational energy work which is the study of the ancient practice of Ghedee. Ghedee is a West African energetic practice based on the understanding that everything that exists is a specific vibrational state of energy and to change any state we simply have to change its energetic makeup. After many decades of assisting others with life traumas and crises, Marcia has now decided to focus her gifts in her new endeavor to assist others in changing the energy of whatever painful state they are experiencing. She sees and reflects back where you are and what is happening energetically allowing for deeper understanding and shifting of some of the illusion that is set in place which is the source pain.

Marcia currently lives in Oakland, California. She understands from her experience and practice that it is only in dealing with the energy held within that one can bring about change in one’s experience of life’s situations. Through her work she hopes to help those who are willing to heal the wounds that prevent them from having the life experience they want and richly deserve. Her willingness to go within has opened possibilities for a new way of being, and for manifesting lifelong skills in her new work. Marcia is devoted to supporting and guiding those seeking truth and a bit more peace and harmony with themselves and in their relationships.